Harram City

Launched in May 2007, Harram City is Orascom Housing Community’s (OHC) flagship project. Spanning approximately 8.4 million square meters of land, the affordable housing development is the first of its kind in Egypt. Located in 6th of October, 20 km west of Cairo, the fully integrated community will hold approximately 70,000 housing units upon completion.

To date 11,500 housing units have been constructed and OHC has fully developed a complete infrastructure network including electricity, water, sewage and road networks. In late 2008, the first residents moved in and today Harram City is home to more than 5,000 families.  

A truly integrated development, Harram City offers diverse community facilities including schools, stores, clinics, a cinema, houses of worship, and sporting club under contsruction . In addition, Harram City will include retail and commercial properties as well as office space. Many of the city’s community facilities are now fully operational.

Stemming from OHC’s commitment to the community, Harram City encourages social responsibility and civic engagement. The city hosts various projects designed to stimulate job creation and benefit the overall community as well as underprivileged segments. Socially driven entities include Ertiqaa, a waste recycling company, Malaika, an embroidery factory and a rehabilitation centre for homeless children:Banati.




HC Studio

Eligibility Criteria:
- If single, maximum monthly income should not exceed EGP 1,750 (EGP 21,000 annually)
- Maximum monthly income per family (husband + wife) should not exceed EGP 2,500 (EGP 30,000 annually)
- Eligible customers must neither own nor rent any units according to the old rent law
- Clients must not have previously benefited from the Ministry of Housing’s subsidized housing projects
- Applicant’s age must range from 21 (twenty one) to 50 (fifty)

General Conditions:
- Only one unit is allowed per family (husband and wife)
- Units are delivered in a period from 12 to 14 months
- Units will be fully finished (painting, bathrooms and floors) or semi finish

Available Financing for unit, We offer three programs ( The Internal Finance, The Mortgage Program (Housing& Development Bank) & The Direct Cash Payment ): Terms of Internal Finance : - 10% of the unit value must be paid as a reservation fees. - 30% of the unit price must be completed as a down payment . - For Immediate Delivery : 50% must be paid from the unit price . - The Rest Amount of the unit price can be divided up to 5 years . Terms of the mortgage program (Housing& Development Bank): - 10% of the unit value must be paid as a reservation fees. - Customers are responsible for choosing the payment program most appropriate to them and are required to pay a nonrefundable inquiry fee to the mortgage company. - Once the customer is granted a loan from the mortgage company he/she must then provide the document indicating the amount he/she qualified for. - The remaining down payment is then calculated and the client is asked to deposit this amount at the bank. - Flexible Mortgage Payment … from 8 to 20 years Terms of the cash program: - 10% of unit value must be paid as a reservation fees. - Remaining Amount should be completed within one month from the reservation date.