Harram Life

Harram Life is the newest phase of Orascom Housing Communities’ (OHC) first flagship development, Harram City. Located on an area of 504,000 sq m (120 feddans) of land, Harram Life offers a new line of housing unit designs with modern architecture.  OHC’s rationale behind the newly adopted architecture is to cater to a larger pool of the Egyptian society by providing clients with an additional option when choosing their housing unit.

Harram Life allows buyers to choose from two, three, and four bedroom apartments, with all units including a living room, kitchen and bathroom. Units will be either semi-finished or finished, and are expected to be delivered to owners within the next two years.



Eligibility Criteria:
- If single, maximum monthly income should not exceed EGP 1,750 (EGP 21,000 annually)
- Maximum monthly income per family (husband + wife) should not exceed EGP 2,500 (EGP 30,000 annually)
- Eligible customers must neither own nor rent any units according to the old rent law
- Clients must not have previously benefited from the Ministry of Housing’s subsidized housing projects
- Applicant’s age must range from 21 (twenty one) to 48 (forty eight)

General Conditions:
- Only one unit is allowed per family (husband and wife)
- Units are delivered in a period from 12 to 14 months
- Units will be fully finished (painting, bathrooms and floors)
- Individuals can only sell their units after referring back to OHC or the mortgage finance company

Available Financing for unit, We offer two programs ( The Internal Finance & The Direct Cash Payment ): Terms of Internal Finance : - 10% of the unit value must be paid as a reservation fees. - 30% of the unit price must be completed as a down payment . - For Immediate Delivery : 50% must be paid from the unit price . - The Rest Amount of the unit price can be divided up to 5 years . Terms of the cash program: - 10% of unit value must be paid as a reservation fees. - Remaining Amount should be completed within one month from the reservation date.